About a mutual commitment and why exactly the paid tickets


We at Vinokilo very much care about our events experience, therefore we are constantly looking to improve every touchpoint with our customers. In order for us to be able to constantly improve your experience at our events, we need to be able to estimate attendance in order to know how many people to expect and plan the event flow in the best way possible. Besides, we need to know the number of our event-goers to make sure we bring just the right amount of vintage treasures and to guarantee that every single one of you will be able to unleash all your creativity and find that vintage piece you didn’t even know you need.

Additionally, in the context of the still-ongoing pandemic, the prediction of the event attendance rate is the key to a safe event, and your safety is our utmost priority.

Among all the different ways that we tested to predict our events’ attendance, paid tickets came in first as the best solution simply because they indicate a small amount of commitment from you to us. 

This is how we see it: when you purchase a ticket to our events, your date with vintage becomes official and we then know that you are really really coming. Therefore, we reserve you a spot and make sure we spoil you the way you deserve –  we bring more than enough clothing options for you to choose from.

Paid tickets are also a much better indicator of event traction, in case you wouldn’t be able to attend our event, you could get in touch with us for a refund. And this way, we could give your spot to someone else and therefore estimate less stock for this particular event.

For this reason, from now on you will be able to purchase a ticket for our events directly on our website for 3€. The ticket price will be increasing the closer we get to the event date, so make sure you book your ticket as soon as the event is up on our website.

We do understand though that this might be causing a bit of resentment to a part of our audience, thus, we will be giving away the first 100 tickets for free at our very event. Don’t forget to subscribe to our mailing list if you want to receive exclusive emails about our event updates, free tickets and sales.

Short green reminder: Thrifting is recycling. Point blank. By choosing preloved items over newly produced pieces, you’re shrinking your carbon footprint – thank you and congrats on that. We are always very excited to welcome you to our events because vintage is a life experience for us, and all the interaction with our cheerful community is what really keeps us going. 

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How much does the ticket cost?

The tickets cost 3€ but the price increases the closer we get to the event date so make sure you get your ticket asap.

Why does the ticket price increase the closer we get to the event date?

We want to encourage you to get your tickets as much ahead of time as possible in order for us to be able to plan our operations better. For this reason, you might notice ticket prices increasing the closer we get to the event date so once again, make sure you get yours asap.

What do I have to do to get a free ticket?

You will need to keep a close eye on our website and social media channels for the events announcements. The first 100 tickets at every event will be for free. The best way to be immediately informed about an upcoming event in your city is to sign up for our mailing list.

What if I buy a ticket and I cannot make it to an event?

In case you are a ticket holder and cannot make it to the event you will receive a refund. All you need to do is contact our customer service with your contact/bank information and your order number, we will then issue a refund to your account accordingly.

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