Ecover x Vinokilo

written by Melody Flumendorf
photography Nicolo Poggetti, Alina Betge

In collaboration with Ecover

Here at Vinokilo, we constantly ask one question: How can we help people look brilliantly individual whilst saving the planet? So when Ecover, the brand that creates vegan, cruelty- free, plant-based cleaning products, called our founder Robin and asked if we are up for a collaboration, all we could say was, “Hell yes!” If you live in Munich or Berlin, you might have already seen that we’re on to something: There are over 12K posters about this partnership all over the cities.


Saving the environment and looking good while doing it is always a multi-layered effort. Great vintage clothes need powerful but safe laundry products to keep looking their best. That’s why it just made sense to join Ecover in their mission against fashion waste. And there is more than just one reason to reject that latest fast-fashion item:  


The reason new clothes smell so funny

Do you know why you need to wash new clothes? Manufacturers put a chemical called Urea-formaldehyde on clothes to enhance colour or texture. It has a very sharp, artificial smell and will take more than one wash to remove. That’s bad news if you have sensitive skin -Urea-formaldehyde can cause all kinds of allergic reactions. The same is true of the extra dye you find in newly produced clothes. Luckily, you can avoid that. Buying vintage clothes and washing them with an eco washing powder like Ecover will make sure you avoid such nasty surprises when putting on your favourite new piece of clothing. 


Do you wash your clothes too often? 

You will be surprised to hear this, but many of your clothes will last for decades if you wash them right- and that means first washing them less. The friction in your washing machine gets rid of stains, but it also reduces your clothes’ lifespan. Items like sports clothes and underwear need to be washed after every wear, but most of the things we wear are tossed into the washing machine out of habit, not needed. 

Try the following: Hang your garments on an open rack after wearing them. That way, the air can circulate around and through the fibres, getting rid of any smell. Make sure you use a special laundry detergent for all things silk and wool so you don’t damage their fibres.

We love seeing you finding new clothes at one of our pop-up events or online, and we want you to enjoy them for as long as you can. Here are nine more tips to make your clothes last longer: 

  1. Invest in a steamer. Steaming is an easy and fun way to remove creases (We should know. At Vinokilo, we steam a lot). It is also very gentle on your clothes- think of it as a facial for your favourites. 
  2. Wash your jeans inside out to prevent the colour from fading. Some of us didn’t know that and had to learn the hard way. Luckily we can always buy more jeans 
  3. Zip those zips, tie all drawstrings and stick all velcro together before you wash your clothes to save hours of untangling work. 
  4. Some clothes like the sun. Some don’t. Dry white clothes outside to make use of its light bleaching effect- and keep your favourite blacks indoors for the same reason. If you need an extra bleaching boost, Ecover has you covered. And while we’re talking about drying…
  5. Air-dry your clothes. If you have a garden or a balcony, hang your next wash outside. It’s better for the environment, better for your items and easier on your wallet. Win-win. 
  6. Fold your knitwear instead of hanging it. Jumpers or cardigans can be pretty heavy and lose their form when you put them on hangers. We agree with Mari Kondo: Fold them instead. 
  7. Spot clean minor stains. That sauce stain from your last barbecue? Gently pat it off your garment right away and wash out the rest immediately. That way, you won’t need to put it in the laundry and can wear it a little longer.  
  8. Avoid dry cleaners as much as possible. The chemicals most dry cleaners use are harmful to the environment and you. If you need one, look for an eco or green dry cleaner – and if you’re courageous enough, try washing these items on a gentle cycle in the washing machine instead. Most will be absolutely fine. 
  9. Show your clothes some love. An overflowing wardrobe full of items you don’t wear means your favourites get creased and stop to look their best. It’s also stressful to dig through a mountain of clothes every morning. Release the pieces that don’t serve you anymore so others can enjoy them. How? Send them to us!   

To support you on your stylish and sustainable journey, we give you a 20% off Ecover code with every purchase from Vinokilo. It is redeemable in different retailers around Germany which are specified on your voucher! They will be valid from 15th April until the end of July. Your treasures will last even longer and washing them won’t cost the earth. Are you ready to join our mission against fashion waste? 


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