Vinokilo Circle


NOW! Send your pre-loved items to us!

What is Vinokilo Circle?

Vinokilo Circle is our 100% community-based initiative to reduce fashion waste.

With this new project, you can now send your pre-loved items to us for up-cycling and recycling, and receive discount vouchers in return!


How does it work?

  1. Declutter your closet and pick out the awesome pieces you want to send!
  2. Purchase a label from us.
  3. We’ll email you a shipping label that you can print out and use for the package.
  4. Send us your clothes!
  5. Once we receive them, we’ll send you a discount matching the weight of the items in 14 days.
  6. Use your exclusive discount to refresh your wardrobe with Vinokilo’s vintage styles!
  7. Your items will be sorted by hand at our warehouse in Bodenheim. Most will be used for our events and our online store. The rest will be up-cycled or sent to local fashion designers to support their businesses.

What do you get in return?

As a thank you from us for disrupting the cycle of fast fashion, you’ll receive a discount voucher based on the weight of your items as below:

  • 10% off for 1kg
  • 15% off for 2kg
  • 25% off for 3kg
  • 30% off for 4kg


Why are we starting this?

Although nearly half of the average person’s wardrobe is unworn, most people often feel like they have nothing to wear. When these clothes are removed, there’s the problem of how to safely dispose of them and where to find affordable, sustainable replacements.

On the other hand, clothing production currently contributes more to climate change than all international aviation and shipping combined [1]. More than 100 billion clothes are produced each year with this figure expected to increase. But only 1% of these clothes are recycled. [2]

We want to join forces with you to solve this problem.

By upcycling your pre-loved items, we’ll rescue tonnes of clothes from landfills and ensure they get a second life. Sending you an exclusive Vinokilo discount will also provide you with fun vintage-wear that you can wear for years.

It’s just one part of our plan to make a global impact on the fashion industry by minimising textile waste.


  • What can I send?
    All  items that are in good & wearable condition, that another vintage lover would be thrilled to receive! If you would feel happy giving it to a friend, we’d be happy to accept. We accept clothes, shoes, bags and other accessories. We can’t accept underwear and socks at this time.
  • How much can I send?
    During our initial phase of this new project, we can accept up to 4KG.  Weigh it, select the right label at check out, and print it out at home.
  • How will I receive the shipping label?
    Via email, so please double check your details. Also check your spam if you can’t find it.
  • How long will it take for me to receive the shipping label after ordering it?
    You should receive the shipping label within 48 hours. This is just the beginning of this process for us so please bear with us as we test and learn and begin to speed up the process.
  • How long will it take for me to receive the discount voucher?
    Within 14 days upon receipt of the package. This is just the beginning of this process for us so please bear with us as we test and learn and begin to speed up the process.
  • Does my voucher code expire?
    NEVER. So chill and wait for your favourites to pop up online!
  • I didn’t receive the discount voucher after 14 days of the package arriving at Vinokilo. What’s going on?
    Check your spam folder as a first off. If you still cannot find it, reach out to us and our customer service agents will help.
  • Oops! I lost the discount voucher.
    No worries, things happen. Drop us a note at, we will sort this out for you!



Terms & Conditions

  1. Purchase of the service is equivalent to the agreement of the terms & conditions.
  2. Once our team receives your parcel, clothes will be weighed, an email including the discount reward will be sent afterwards as a confirmation. The whole process shall be completed within 14 days of receipt.
  3. All items sent should be in a good wearable condition.
  4. The condition of garments will be visually graded by our expert team. Significant damage, stains or any other defect that the team deems makes an item unsaleable may lead to a lower percentage of discount reward. The garments that are not fitting our selling standard will be used for supporting local artists.
  5. Grading of the items will be at the discretion of Vinokilo and our decisions are final. 
  6. The discount reward is only redeemable online at At this time, offline events and pop-up stores will not accept this as a form of payment.

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