Black Friday – The price of sales

written by Francisco Mendez

Once again, it is the time of the year where opening your email inbox means facing thousands of 50% discounts, exclusive offers and season sales that are fighting for your attention, offering you “the best deal” imaginable. But what are the costs of those deals? Now more than ever, we should contemplate about the consequences this so-called holiday implies – A day which makes no secret out of its deliberate strategy to get you to consume as much as possible.


Black Friday represents the pressing issue of the fashion industry

We are facing a climate crisis and we rapidly exceed the planet’s resources, yet fashion is produced and consumed at a rate like never before. Aiming for short-term sales and to satisfy an ever-growing demand, many fast fashion companies neglect the heavy environmental impact of overproduction. And this without even taking into account the ethical side of it. To put it briefly: Essentially, Black Friday represents the very pressing issue of an industry which relies on overproduction and relativises its severity. As soon as we give into those seemingly good deals, we simultaneously consent to a thoughtless production at the cost of people and the planet.

This is why, we at Vinokilo, don’t believe in sales and discounts. Besides the already mentioned issues, we believe that the constant exposure to discounted prices and sales phases leads to very unsustainable consumer habits. The fast fashion industry wants you to ask yourself What do you want to buy next?, while we should be asking ourselves Do I actually need this item?, instead. And in order to achieve this, they use the product’s price as a major incentive. We at Vinokilo want to price an item fairly and, most importantly, at their true value!


What does this mean for Vinokilo?

Just stating this is not enough, though. Vinokilo is about standing up for what you believe in. How so? This Black Friday we are collaborating with the non-profit organisation Drip by Drip. Drip by Drip funds water projects in areas that have been negatively affected by the textile industry wastewater. So instead of participating in any SALE, 10% of the sales from between the 23rd and 30th November will be donated. More specifically, it will be donated to support the installation of biosand filters in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Each filter lasts for more than 10 years and provides 90 families with access to clean drinking water.


So, what does this collaboration mean to us? Vinokilo has been reducing the water consumption and water waste of the fashion industry by giving clothes a second life. For us, this collaboration is going the extra mile to support the clean up of the fashion industry even further. It is taking responsibility and standing up for people’s rights.

Black Friday with Vinokilo means to reduce fashion waste and greenhouse gases, save water and energy while actively helping to bring clean water to the people in Bangladesh.




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