written by Kavish Seth, Perri Ho
photography Doyel Joshi, Kavish Seth

Welcome to our new series #THENEWNEW x Our People. This is where we highlight the incredible stories of people from our community and they share what they want to see in #THENEWNEW world. From activists, founders and artists to members of our team, we can’t wait for you to meet the new faces of Vinokilo.


Kavish is an artist – Poet, Singer, Musician. He has created his own musical instrument called Noori and is constantly performing in different places across India, bringing music to everyone. 


Here is our interview with him:

What do you want to share with the world?

I am an artist and I love to write, sing, make music. One reason why I enjoy it as thoroughly is culture. Culture is interdependent, it is collaborative in nature. It creates spaces for harmonious relationships. One learns and gives a lot in every collaboration, every collaboration is a relationship. I firmly believe that we are incomplete without each other and that we truly need each other. I strive towards this with all my heart and my art. Also, I seek to bring political awakening to the world. Anything personal is political, anything material is political. The route to spirituality, divinity and the higher self is political, so we need to understand our political traits, our character, dharm, and how we keep changing it as we move in our lives.

What do you want to see in #THENEWNEW world?


What song would you share with the world?


Who is someone you think we should know?

Shweta Bhattad.

What’s your favourite item of clothing?

Nehru jacket.

You want to find out more about Kavish? Check him out on Instagram @kavishseth_ or @zubaanmusic to know more about his work. He is also on Twitter @kavishmusic. Oh and don’t miss out his nice music on Soundcloud – Kavish Seth.


Stay tuned for the next story and don’t forget to explore #THENEWNEW website.


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Pranchal is the founder of Narangidevi which provides up-cycled fashion items. She is a designer, a creator, an entrepreneur. She is also our collaborator of our up-cycled jewellery collection.

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