written by Nafisa Bakkar, Anisah Osman Britton, Perri Ho
photography Nafisa Bakkar, Anisah Osman Britton, Alina Betge

Welcome to our new series #THENEWNEW x Our People. This is where we highlight the incredible stories of people from our community and they share what they want to see in #THENEWNEW world. From activists, founders and artists to members of our team, we can’t wait for you to meet the new faces of Vinokilo.


Nafisa is the CEO of Amaliah which is dedicated to amplifying the voices of Muslim women through articles, videos, podcasts etc. Their work seeks to surface the many different voices and experiences within communities.


Here is our interview with her:

What do you want to share with the world?

I think that too many people get to the end of their life not having reached or unlocked their potential, they haven’t been able to see the best of themselves. So many of us exist in spaces and structures where we can’t just ‘be’. I want to see a world that nurtures, creates space and allows us to fulfil our God-given potential. Everyone deserves to see the best of themselves and I believe we all have a role in creating that space for each other.

Amaliah is about creating space for Muslim women, to be able to do more than just exist, to be able to thrive. To honour all the many sides of ourselves and all of our emotions, without the gaze of others. It can feel heavy when we see the portrayal of Muslims in news and media, the media shapes how we see each other and also ourselves. And so is vital to have space that allows us to shape our view of ourselves on our own terms, space to feel intense joy, sisterhood and even rage.

What do you want to see in #THENEWNEW world?


You want to find our more about Nafisa? Check her out on her private Instagram @nafisabakkar and Twitter @nafisabakkar.
Also don’t miss out the amazing content from Amaliah on their Instagram @amaliah_com and Twitter @amaliah_tweets.


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