#THENEWNEW x Khadeeja

written by Khadeeja, Nina Trenner
photography Khadeeja, Nicolo Poggetti, Alina Betge

Welcome to our new series #THENEWNEW x Our People. This is where we highlight the incredible stories of people from our community and they share what they want to see in #THENEWNEW world. From activists, founders and artists to members of our team, we can’t wait for you to meet the new faces of Vinokilo.


Khadeeja is a “Fashionista”.


Here is our interview with her:

What do you want to share with the world?

I aim to shift the global perception of the word ‘Black’ and show that Black is regal and rich in history, in purpose and in lineage, there is a wide variety of African music, styles, dances, costumes, hairstyles, settings and traditions. We as human beings inherit the riches of love, community and purpose promised by our ancestors. These are the keys that the future generation can look to, to find hope, find strength, find healing, and be the best version of themselves.

What do you want to see in #THENEWNEW world?


What book would you share with the world?

The Secret To Teen Power by Paul Harrington.

What film would you share with the world?

Beyoncé – Black Is King.

What’s your favourite item of clothing?

Leather clothes.

You want to find out more about Khadeeja? Check her out on Instagram @khadeeja_m.u.


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