written by Holly Boothroyd, Nina Trenner
photography Holly Boothroyd, Anisah Osman Britton

Welcome to our new series #THENEWNEW x Our People. This is where we highlight the incredible stories of people from our community and they share what they want to see in #THENEWNEW world. From activists, founders and artists to members of our team, we can’t wait for you to meet the new faces of Vinokilo.


Holly is the Founder of HerHelloWorld, D&I Advocate, Software Engineer (additional: Expat, Dancer, Environmentalist, Animal Lover, Traveler, Speaker)


Here is our interview with her:

What do you want to share with the world?

Technology’s impacts are felt across every region and in every industry. With technical jobs increasing in demand at twice the speed of non-digital jobs and paying 36% more than the national average in the UK, actions need to be taken to ensure the entire population has access to fulfilling, well paid jobs where they can be decision makers in key global industries. The importance of technology created with everyone in mind becomes ever more critical as its influence on people and the planet continues to grow.

I seek to contribute towards the equality movement by championing for greater representation of women, and other under-represented groups, in STEM – some of the most world’s most influential industries. We need to rewrite the narrative of who can thrive in STEM. By creating a platform for the community to share their experiences, dismantling the barriers for entry and retention, and guiding people to find success in these industries, we can make long lasting, impactful global change.

This change is the culmination of millions of individual lives being empowered.

Playing video games as a young girl with my Dad sparked my interested in technology and set me along a path where I would often face societal bias about my capabilities and find few people in the room that looked like me. Through a process of exploring different technologies, connecting with the community, and leaning on my mentors, I was able to find my home in technology where I can be a force for change.

The stark need for increased representation in STEM and the lessons I learnt in my journey inspired me to create HerHelloWorld – a platform to encourage others to enter and thrive in STEM by democratizing access to advice on navigating the challenges of being a minority in tech, finding the intersection of your passions and careers, making a positive impact, and reaching your versions of success.

The beauty of STEM fields are that they overlap with so many other industries. Working in STEM will not lock you down to one industry or one career path – instead STEM opens doors to limitless possibilities. We should be looking to find where our passions and careers intersect. We will find much more fulfillment and success when we are working towards something we love and are uplifting others along the way.

I encourage everyone to think about the influential people in their lives and ask who inspired you, helped you find your direction, gave you comfort when you struggled, made you the person you are today. Be that for someone else. We all have a duty to uplift others just as we have been uplifted and can make the world a much better place as a result of pushing for greater diversity. #EmpoweredPeopleEmpowerPeople

What do you want to see in #THENEWNEW world?

Societies built with everyone in mind.

What book would you share with the world?

Moment of Lift, Invisible Women, Squiggly Careers, Multi-Hyphen Method.

You want to find out more about Holly? Check her out on Instagram @herhelloworld or Twitter @hollyboothroyd_.


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