Welcome to #THENEWNEW

written by Anisah Osman Britton

It’s our great pleasure to welcome you to #THENEWNEW Vinokilo. 

Over the last few months, amidst the pandemic, the current state of the fashion industry, marginalised people rising around the world for their safety, and the environmental crisis, we realised: we have a responsibility! We need to be louder about what we believe in, the change we want to see in the world, and our role in making second hand the new, well, new. We know that we have a platform and we want to use it for good- to give a platform to people we admire, to educate and inform, to spread joy, and to have fun with fashion. 


So what is #THENEWNEW? 

It’s a declaration that we are not willing to go back to business as usual.  The pandemic has brought front and centre the real impact we are all having on the climate and our plane and, more importantly, the fact that it is possible to still reverse it. The fashion industry creates more annual global carbon emissions than maritime travel and international flights combined. We know this is the industry we were born to change and we plan to do that by making second hand fashion a real alternative to first hand. 

Yes, we are a for profit company, we need to make sales to exist, but we are also part of a new wave of companies that exist consciously for a new type of consumer, you, who understands that second hand is unique, valuable, beautiful and actually sustainable. 

#THENEWNEW prioritises impact over profit at every stage of the journey; 

it doesn’t believe in making profit at the detriment of our environment. We must make change whilst making money; 

it cares for their people and all people. 

It’s learning from history to make progress. It’s making Second hand accessible to all, taking the past and making it new, it’s being stylish and sustainable. It’s thinking local but impacting global. It’s about commnunity. That is the new normal. That is #THENEWNEW.


So with that in mind, we are ready for the next stage in Vinokilo’s development and we want you on that journey with us. Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be releasing more blogs for you to get to know us more. From words from Robin Balser, our founder, on why we made this move and an interview with some of the creative team behind the rebrand for a deep dive into what makes this rebrand so special, to the incredible stories of the people featured in our new launch.


Welcome to The New New. We really hope you love it as much as we do.  




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Robin Balser

Note from our Founder

It was a crazy time in the fashion industry with the wildest rumours flying around. Will fashion shows stop? Is this the end of fashion seasons all together? etc. It didn't take us much time to realise that Corona is an opportunity in disguise for Vinokilo. A real accelerator of evolution. An evolution of the fashion industry!

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