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How Black Friday Exposes That We Are Absolutely Imperfect

Black Friday. A difficult day for us. Do we participate or ...

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🎈GIVEAWAY: Win a Vintage vacation!✨

πŸšƒ BIGGEST GIVEAWAY EVER: Win a Vinokilo vacation!πŸ‘œ ...

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What you need to know about sweatshops

If you buy clothes, chances are they were made in a ...

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The carbon footprint of fashion

How bad is fashion for the environment?Β  Fires. Floods. ...

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Why Vinokilo does not use Klarna

Many of you have asked us why we don't offer a "buy now, ...

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Vinokilo RE / UP cycled Collection - providing alternatives for your daily life

Vinokilo offers second hand clothes but there are of course ...

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